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Hello ! Thanks for stopping by.If you are reading this page, you might probably want to know the story behind 'A Kaleidoscopic Dream'. Here it goes -

It is quite simple -

Rain + Lazy day indoors with the girls + Coffee + Crazy ideas -> A Kaleidoscopic Dream 

Doesn’t it feel great when you meet your girlies over coffee and share your latest crazy idea, only to hear them respond positively and share their own ‘ridiculous’ plans?

That’s exactly how ‘A Kaleidoscopic Dream’ took its shape.

With a 'COOK-IE', 'KRAFT-IE' and a 'SMART-IE' in the team, it didn't seem too difficult to formulate the plan for this blog.We have ventured this journey with an aim to make our dreams to reality and our imaginations to perspectives.Glad you could join us in this wonderful journey of ours.Looking for all your support and encouragement !

Wanna know about each one of us in the team? Read on....


Born and bred in India, currently living in Chicago with my husband. 24/7 Social Media Coordinator - love to flaunt about my blog. I am a hardcore Geminian who can talk forever, craft-aholic, DIY Enthusiast, love desserts beyond limits. I volunteer in a non-profit organization as ESL tutor. I love to sleep, cook, travel, bake. I wish I had more time to do these things I love. Oh Hey, I do marathons (on Netflix ) *wink*

I am a happy go-lucky gal.Strangers MAY think I'm quiet(with few exceptions, of course), friends may think I'm fun and my best friends obviously think I'm insane.I love my life and live like there is no tomorrow. Family and friends makes my world go round. 

Few Likes - Books, poems, ice-creams, chocolates, beach, clothes, crafts, sleep..!!..
I am no chef or a craft guru but just an ordinary girl trying to become a better cook and explore the 'creativity' within her.I love blogging and the 'bragging' that comes along with it - social media coordinator ! What is fun if you don't let others in the ride? Yay... let's take the ride together.

My passion for cooking dates back to my college days. It was passed on to me from my grandma,mom and aunt who cook extremely good variety of authentic foods. Now I want to experiment different kinds of cuisines. I watch plenty of cookery shows which motivates me to try those recipes. My husband is one big motivator and critic who gives honest feedback. Most of the recipes I post here are inspired by my mom, few cookbooks, other blogs and from friends. I love to decorate my house with crafts I make. I hope u enjoy our blog.

Thank you for stopping by and feel free to email us your suggestions and comments at 


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  1. very well written.keep up the good work.... :)

  2. Ranj beautifully written and a good start...good luck girls...

  3. Lovely space here,very well written and engaging posts,waiting for more,see ya around :)

  4. This was my favorite post on the Turn It Up Tuesday linky party! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Hey Ranjani...Thanks a ton for visiting my space....and so sorry for being so late finding yours. What a cool blog you have...and three friends together make it extra special, I'm sure! will be peeking in frequently... :-)

    1. Hey ,thanks for stopping by ! Welcome home and do visit again :)

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  7. Hi ladies - what's the best email address to reach you? I'd love to discuss an opportunity that I think could be a great fit. Looking forward to talking soon.


    1. Thanks Stacey for reaching out to us. You can reach out to akaleidoscopicdream@gmail.com


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