Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall Themed Vase

Things you need
1. Clear Vase
2. Fall leaves (I got mine from Dollar Tree) or you can use the real leaves

How To 
Throw in few leaves into the vase and place it on the mantel/ dining table/end table. You can also add few branches to the vase and glue few leaves to the branches like I did for Cherry Blossom project.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Centerpiece

Things you need
1. Cylindrical Vase
2. Fake pumpkins from Dollar Tree

How To
Stack all those fake pumpkins in the vase and place it on the mantel/dining table.
You can also add pine cones & acorns.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Framed Fall Leaf

Things you need
1.Artificial Fall leaves
2.Photo Frame 

How To
Place the leaves in the frame and place it on the book shelf or end table.

DIY Fall Wreath

Things you need
1. Artificial Fall leaves (I got them from dollar tree)
2. Magnetic strips
3. Glue (if you are using adhesive magnetic strips, you won't need glue)
How to
1. Cut the magnetic strips into small pieces.
2. Glue the non-magnetic side of the strip to back of leaves.
3. Let them dry.
4. Now stick the leaves on the door in a round shape like a wreath.

Candle Holder

Things you need
1.Wine glass
2.Tea light candles
3. Fake pumpkins from Dollar Tree
How to
Place the pumpkin on the mantel.Keep the wine glass inverted over it.Keep  a candle on top n light it..
I guess the picture says it all!!

You can even place a leaf. 
Like this

Monday, September 9, 2013

Framed Fall Printable

Things you need
2. Photo frame

You can make your own printable or you can get  plethora of printables from Pinterest. I fell in love with this pretty printable from Antsi-Pants . So print it out and put it in a photo frame.
You're all set! :D

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