Wednesday, October 23, 2013

'No Sew' Tote Bags

What is more trendy than carrying these cute tote bags for shopping, to school or work, to a picnic or any day-out for that matter !! No bag can ever keep your act together better than these tote bags. 

Would you be surprised to know that you can make these terrific bags at your home ???? 
Or how surprised would you be if we tell you that you can make these with no sewing at all !! 
Yeah, you are right ! The first DIY project to be featured is 'NO SEW TOTE BAGS'. 

The bags shown above was created by me and my friend, Ash in less than 30 mins.

Are you excited?? Here we go...

Materials required :

1. Fabric of your choice of color and pattern (2 pieces of 18'' * 21" in size)
2.Duct tape in your choice of color. ( The bigger and stronger Sellotape used for packaging)
3. Stapler
5. Belt tapes for bag straps. You can also make your own strap using duct tapes.

Step 1 :

Make sure the fabric has no wrinkles by carefully ironing both the sides of the fabric.

Step 2:

Create the lining for the fabric by pasting strips of duct tape on the back of the fabric on the 21" side. Repeat the steps for both the pieces of fabric as shown below

Step 3:

Fold the fabric along the width of one strip of duct tape on the 21" side to create a flap for the bag.

Step 4:

Place the belt tape on the flap you just created and position it to where you want the bag strap.Staple the belt tape along the open end of the flap so that the staples are not visible on the front of the fabric.Create the strap for the belt as shown below.

Step 5:
Cover the stapled strap using a duct tape so that the staples are not seen. We would recommend having two duct tapes over the stapled tape just to make sure it is secured firmly.

Repeat 3,4 and 5 for the other fabric also.

Step 6 :
   - Take one piece of the fabric and place it tape side down. Take the other piece and place it on top with tape side up.
   - Arrange them so that all the ends are aligned evenly.
   - Seal both sides and the bottom using a stapler along a straight line.

You can cover the staples on the three sides using the duct tape again so that the inside of the bag looks neat.

Step 7:

   - To create a flat bottom in the bag, pop out the corner using your hand and create a triangular shape.
   - Press down firmly and measure 6" across the triangle and start stapling along the 6" line as shown below.You can cover the staples again using a duct tape.

Repeat the procedure for the other end of the bottom.

Step 8 :

Turn the bag inside out.Voila -Your bag is ready !!!

Note :

- You need not worry about the look of the bag due to the usage of tapes and staples. The end result would definitely be neat and the bag would sure to fish you more compliments.

- The bag would be really sturdy if you use a thicker belt tapes for strap and it would definitely be secured when you double tape the staples as mentioned in step 5

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  1. Well, this is a cost and time saving handmade bag....
    A very detailed SOP how to do it, sure it will help for first timers.
    U can wrap a present and give it to them for one's u love the most.
    Thanks Ranjani

  2. Great idea... will try it sometime :)


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