Monday, January 27, 2014

Top to Skirt in 2 minutes ( No cut, No sew )

Hello Beautiful Ladies..

I am sure all of you would agree with me when I say that a woman's problem begins right at the start of the day when she looks at her closet full of clothes and still feel there is nothing good to wear :D There can never be enough clothes for a girl.


So, how about we add few more skirts to your collections - skirts that you can make on your own in a minute.Here is a quick tutorial on how to transform your existing tops to beautiful skirts which involves absolutely no sewing or cutting. Yeah, you heard it right !!!

Materials you would need - Pretty Tops/ Tunics is all that you need. I would suggest you go with the ones that is not too tight on you and ones with sleeves

Step 1 :

Lower your top through your head and position your neck hole on waist. Have no worries , it would fit your waist correctly. Just in case , it is really tight to go till your waist, STOP and go for another top !! 

It would look like this -

Step 2 :

Tuck the sleeves through the top's arm hole so that it now looks like a  pocket for the skirt.Tuck it completely making sure it does not bulge at the sides.

It would look like this :

Step 3 :

Repeat the same step for the other sleeve and adjust your top.Your skirt is now ready.


  • Make sure the neck hole of the skirt you choose fits your waist correctly.If not, you can try wearing a belt. But couple of my friends and myself have had no problems with it and we have even worn it out. It fits just right with no worries of it getting lowered as you move about! Though, I would suggest you to take some time getting comfortable with it at home before stepping out, at least for the first time you try !!
  • We have reused it again as a top and faced no problems with the neck getting stretched.It looked just as good.
  • Try a longer top like a tunic for a longer skirt.Its all up to you. Let your creativity run wild.
          It would look like this -

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  1. This is my favorite !:) tried it n loved it !:)

  2. Lovely.......we always have very little choice when we plan to go out

    1. Thanks! Yeah, very true now it's more convenient multi purposing our dresses like this :)


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