Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Valentines day gift ideas- Part 1

Valentine's day is around the corner, don't you think its a wonderful excuse to show your special someone how much they mean to you?:)
It can be really daunting to find the ideal and unique gift for your significant someone. Don't worry, here we are!:)Today we are showcasing few unique gifts ideas for your Valentine.

INSTAGRAM PILLOW  I found this instagram pillow very cute where you can personalize the pillow with your favorite photos. I heard from couple of my friends that both quality of print on the pillow and the quality of the pillow are great. You can get them from zazzle or stitchtagram
Customized M&M Who wouldn't love m&m's with sweet messages and photos on them! You can create yours here
Fruit Bouquets  This is a true visual delight. If Cupid picked a fruit -lover for you then you got to pick this for them.You can get them here or here

Spa services This can be a wonderful gift, both of you can enjoy services like massage, facial or nail care which makes the perfect date.Click here to find a spa near you.
Name a Star This is so unique,who wouldn't love having a star named after them.Such a wonderful way to say 'you are special'. You can get it done here.

Well there you have them-few of unique gift ideas.We'll be coming up with handmade Valentines day gift ideas shortly,Stay hooked ! <3


  1. Instagram pillow looks really cool!

  2. Sooper de!!! Loved the other blogs too!! Keep it going!!! Loved it!! :)

  3. Super ideas!! Please post more of these!

  4. Excellent page dear... I loved everything on this page... looking forward to learn a lot from you :)


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