Thursday, December 18, 2014

Earn While You Shop - Shopkick Mobile App Review

I am obsessed with ShopKick!

If you are already a Shopkick user, it is now time for a group hug! It is freaking awesome, right?

If you are wondering what this hype is all about, read on.

It is one of the amaziiiiiiiiiiiiing mobile app that I have used till date.

I always go with the principle, “If it is too good to be true, then it is probably not true!” But this app proved me wrong.

And wait, let me give a disclaimer right here. This is NOT a sponsored post. Shopkick did not pay me a single penny for writing this review (How I wish it did!) I liked something and wanted to tell you guys about it. It is that simple. Hope someone somewhere finds it helpful.

So, what is Shopkick? It is mobile app that gives you ‘kicks’ for walking into retail stores/scanning specific products. You can redeem the kicks for instant gift cards of popular stores (Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Starbucks and more). It is not like you can earn a money bag from it. But you do practically nothing out of your way. You can download it at free of cost. And all you do is take your phone to the stores you usually go with the app open. So it is like you are getting cash for free.

I wanted to hold writing this review until I am confident of the app. So I recently redeemed my kicks for 10$ Target gift card and 5$ Best Buy gift card with which I purchased a footwear ( $10 on sale) and a Galaxy S5 case ( 5$ off the total)

So it is TRUE!

The Catch:

This app works on the principle that “You See, You Buy”!  Shopkick have partnered with major retailers (JC Penny, Macys, Walmart, Target and more)so it can reward you for just visiting the store. Yes right! No purchase required. Just visit a store and you will be rewarded. The retailers are confident that once you are in their store, their amazing product will tempt you and you may end up buying something that you really did not intend to.
So if you fall to temptation, they win. If you know how to handle temptation, you win!

Kicks to Cash conversion:

The pattern I see across all stores is
500 kicks - $2
1250 kicks - $5
2500 kicks - $10

Usually, walk in kicks range from 50 to 100 kicks per store which can even go to 200 kicks per store during special occasions. Two visits to the mall during Thanksgiving was sufficient for me to reach 2500 kicks ($10). I did nothing but just walk in to stores like Macys/JC Penny/American Eagle with the app open. At times, you get rewarded even when you are near the store which is awesome!

Ways you can earn kicks:

Walk in: This is the best way to earn kicks. As mentioned earlier, walk in to the mentioned stores with the app open.

Surprise Messages: Shopkick have a news feed of products. Open a product and browse through it. You will have a surprise message with surprise kicks in it.

Scan Products: I have never tried this as it involves some efforts which I was not interested to put in. But if you are ambitious, go ahead. Scan the products mentioned when you go to certain stores and you will be rewarded kicks.

Link Credit Card: I don’t prefer this option as I am against sharing sensitive information in some random mobile app. But if you feel secured about it, you may go ahead. Every time you make a purchase in certain stores with the linked card, you get kicks.


It works perfectly fine with android mobiles although I have heard issues with iPhone and Blackberry.

I am not too sure of the availability of this app in other countries other than US. 

Words of Wisdom:

This can be totally addictive. You may go to a store just for the sake of kicks but end up buying things you never really wanted. So be a wise shopper and have fun getting kicks!

Use this holiday season to get kicks quicker as the number of kicks per store is usually more on special occasions. 

You can download the app from Play Store, but if you would like to thank me for sharing this awesome information, you can download it from here. I get referral kicks if you join using that link and you get 50 joining kicks as a gift. But that is totally optional and purely your choice. You can always download it from Play Store.

Hope you guys find it as interesting and exciting as I found it to be. Have you had any negative experiences with Shopkick? Let us know in the comments below so all of us can benefit from it.


  1. That is just awesome girl :)I installed it from your referral link and will try for sure :)Looks kind of addictive :P

    1. Aww.. thanks dear ! Lol.. enjoy :) :) let me know if it works for you..I hope your mobile is android based

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