Tuesday, June 17, 2014

10 Types of People On WhatsApp

1. Hey there! I am using WhatsApp :

Yes. These are the people who are actually not using WhatsApp. Be sure to check their 'Last seen at' and it may date back to months or even years!
May their souls rest in peace.

2. The Drama queens/ The Love-struck:

Their WhatsApp status is always the 'not-needed' updates of their life. And most of the times, it is the 'not-so-happy' updates. It is always a status of frustration, breakups, loneliness and disappointments. They make us want to tell "Please, Save this drama for your mama!"
And there are these ‘lovey-dovey’ couples whose status makes us scream – “Please, save this for your bedroom!” And a special message for them -

3. The Group ‘Administrators’ :

There is this group of people who keeps adding you to every random group – Work, Family, College, High school or even Kindergarten. YOU may have forgotten where you went for your tuitions or music class, but THEY don’t. It can get awkward when they add you to groups that you otherwise had no idea existed.

4.The Paranoids:

If there is someone to make the utmost use of WhatsApp free messaging, it is them. They send you all chain messages that says if you don’t forward it to 15 people; you will be paralyzed to death. With Facebook buying WhatsApp, this group of people became hyper active with messages that makes you pay for WhatsApp if you do not forward it to your contact list. I wish WhatsApp makes it a paid service for this lot.

5.Display Pic stalkers :

You change your display picture and booooom; you receive a message from them. And it is completely understandable if it is your BFF as you guys owe each other that but sadly, most of the times it wouldn’t be. This group of people should be holding a master’s degree in stalking as there is neither a newsfeed nor a notification on WhatsApp for a DP/Status change.

6.‘Last- Seen’ Stalkers:

“One smart guy invented WhatsApp .His wife added a new feature ‘Last seen at’ “– Anonymous.

These are a different breed of stalkers; they keep a track of when you are online and when you are not. They do either of these two-
i) They send messages to people they see online asking if they don’t have any other work. But just ‘FYI’ , the only work of this lot is to track the online status of everyone in their contact list.

ii) They pick fights when you are online and not respond to them and can I just tell them one thing –“‘My Last seen at’ is none of your business. I will reply you only when I want to and only when I can!”

7. ‘The Weirdo’ :

This group of people comes online, checks their messages but never replies. It is completely okay if they are really busy or in the middle of other things. But why in the name of God are they online if they are busy??!?? Well, it is none of my business but just couldn’t help not asking it.

8. The Emoticons Maniacs:

Emoticons ARE cute but trust me, there are people who abuse them that anything you ask, you get an emoticon response. At times, it gets too difficult to even decipher it

9. The 'Cool' Parents :

WhatsApp has slowly started taking over the 'parents' circle too. I am sure most of our parents or friend's parents try use WhatsApp and their struggle to win over 'Auto correct' will by itself run to several chapters

10. The 'Narcissist'

 Call it 'obsession', 'vanity, 'fun', 'boredom' etc ; this group of people change their display picture as often as every day or wait, no, it is many times a day. 

Disclaimer -

So what type of WhatsApp user are you? 
Have we missed any particular category? Leave us a comment response below.  

Disclaimer: I do not own the copyright of the GIFs included in the post. Google search did the work for me and it is not always easy to trace back the original author. Drop us a message if any of your image is included and we will be more than happy to include the picture credits. 

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