Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kids these days....

I love listening to my grand parents’ and parents’ childhood stories. There is always a warmth in their eyes and excitement in their words as they fondly recollect – those were the days when…..’ And it is so funny that the years have gone by so fast that I now exclaim – ‘Gone are those days…..’ when I see kids these days.

Kids these days haveiPads’, ‘mobile phones’ and other gadgets to play with; when all we wanted then was to play outside. Kids these days need mobile apps to listen to their rhymes or lullaby for sleep; when all we wanted then was mom’s lullaby and dad’s bedtime stories. And this list can go endless... However, we should agree that they do not fail to create memories their own way to tell their next generation.

A sneak peak of the kids these days…

Who could have guessed that this 14 month old kid playing with her dad's mobile phone would bid an auction on eBay for a 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite car and also win it hands down? Neither me nor her dad could have ! Can you? Lucky for her, she is now the proud owner of the car as her dad decided to keep it.


And, can you even dream of changing a brand name of your favorite product just because you do not like the name of it? This 3 year old can! And how cute is her signature!


And this 3 year old takes 'Hide and Seek' to a whole new level. He was found missing from his house when his mother had gone to the restroom. Poor mom; she did not know that her son was so bored that he walked to a games arcade across the street and sneaked himself into the toy claw machine. He was found to be playing with the toys safe and sound. The magic shrink potion he used to get inside the machine is still a mystery.


And look at this fashionista who has already set her marks in the fashion industry.

This 4 year old makes paper dresses with her mom. Look at how she recreated the exact same look.. but with paper! Here is a look that the sources say she put together all by herself with no help from her mom.


And now few notes that makes you go 'Awww...'

How can someone even decline such a cute invatashin !! And the picture definitely steals the show!


And no one can punish this kid for forging his mommy's signature !!

Okay, now I seriously wish life is this simple. It will be so much easier if all of us have goals like this kid

And finally, don't forget to follow this recipe for turkey. It can never be more detailed.


Hope you enjoyed reading this post and we would love to hear the stories your kids are upto in the comments below :)

Sources :

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