Monday, June 9, 2014

3 Ingredients Oreo Truffles

Raise your hands and say 'Yay' if you are as crazy about chocolates as I am ! How crazy, you ask ! Well, I would say a balanced diet is chocolates in both hands and every time I hear the dirty word ' exercise' , I would like to wash my mouth with chocolates ! Yay ? This is just the recipe for you ! Homemade Oreo chocolate truffle - what more can we ask! Nay? This is just the recipe for you too :D ! My husband is never a chocolate lover and he helped himself with three of these yummy delights which happens only once in a blue moon. So, you can totally trust me!

Ingredients :

I am not sure about you guys, but I am definitely a lazy cook. A big list of ingredients is always intimidating to me. I love this recipe as it needs just three ingredients !

1. Oreo cookies - 12 nos
2. Cream cheese - 4 oz at room temperature
3. Chocolate chips

Method :

1. Pulse the oreo cookies in a mixer/food processor.

2. Add the softened cream cheese and pulse with your food processor or use your hands to mix them altogether with the crumbled cookies. The cream cheese and oreos should be well combined.

3. Refrigerate for at least an hour in a baking tray/plate with parchment/foil paper.

4. After an hour, remove from refrigerator and scoop them to small, smooth and uniform balls.(you can definitely do a better job than me.) Refrigerate again.

5. Melt the chocolate chips as per the directions or by double boiler method.
You need to just take a deep vessel with water on a low flame. Place the vessel containing chocolate chips over this vessel so it is not exposed to direct heat and melting is uniform. Stir and melt until the chocolates are melted completely and is nice and smooth.

6. Dip the refrigerated oreo balls in the melted chocolate and make sure the ball is completely coated with chocolate. You can use a fork or spoon to do this.

7. You can sprinkle the truffles with nuts , colored sugar etc. when it is wet.

8. Place them back on the plate/baking tray and refrigerate until it hardens. Takes an hour or two.

Enjoy the taste of your favorite oreos and chocolate in these yummy truffles.

It might get messy or it may not if you handle it right, but either ways , I don't mind getting all messy to have these treats.

This recipe is adapted from here. Show her some love and am sure you will love all her recipes.

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