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Balayam yoga - solution to hair loss??

Most of the things in life are easy to lose, but hard to gain.And this is so true when it comes to hair loss! I am recently having this problem of severe hair loss. Most of the times I would feel like giving a big scream when I comb my hair and find a whole clump of hair sticking to the comb.I know there are many of you joining my scream everyday in every part of the world.

So, is this post a solution to hair loss? Not exactly ! After trying dozens of hair oils and shampoos , I have now resorted to another option - YOGA. After thorough browsing, I am practicing the below asana hoping to get a solution.My google searches displayed many positive results. But I will update, if it personally works for me ! Meanwhile ,I am sure its worth a try for you guys as well coz even if it doesn't work- there is nothing to lose but gain some moments of silence and mental relaxation :)


pc -
   Derivation of the name -

     Balayam derives it meaning from two hindi(Indian language) words - 'Bal' and 'Vyayam'         which means 'hair' and 'exercise' respectively.So it can be simply put as 'Exercise for hair'.

   Method -

   1.Curl your fingers inwards towards your palm
   2.Rub the surface of 4 nails (except thumb) as hard as you can
   3.Keep rubbing your nails continuously for 10 minutes at a stretch(preferably before breakfast             and before dinner)
   4. Practice this everyday for better results
   Reasoning behind this asana -

   The roots of hair follicles on scalp are connected to fingernails.This pressure creation will help
   in pumping required nutrition to the scalp and promote hair growth.
   Note :

     -   Do not rub tip of fingernails of one hand against surface of fingernails of another hand.It is          mentioned that it would accelerate hair growth on ears.
     -   It is also known that rubbing the thumb nails would fasten the growth of beard/moustache.             So ladies - beware !

   If you have tried this yoga already or now more details regarding it, feel free to share with us in the comments 

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