Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cilantro/Coriander storage

Cilantro/coriander comes in a much bigger bunch than I intend to use at one time.So whenever I buy them, I end up throwing most of it away as they turn black so quick.But it has never stopped me from getting them every time I hit the grocery store ...and each time, with a firmer resolve to use them wisely.But it has always been a shame to see those lovely fresh cilantro go waste.

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One afternoon, I was browsing the ways I could store cilantro and only then realized I am not the only one! So it was with no pride but guilt that I joined the world of cilantro killers ..or even cilantro serial killers ! But thanks to all forums, I got the solution and I am now guilt free(at least when it comes to cilantro). 

Here is the solution for you.Please note that this has been tried and tested and it works great. I never thought this would work and so missed taking pictures of the fresh store bought cilantro.The posted picture is more than two weeks old and since it worked, I just can't wait for the next time I get them to tell you guys of it.I guess it wont be in a while as I am sure these will last even longer :) :)

1.Remove the bands that tie the cilantro when you buy from store. Check if there 
   are leaves which are damaged already and remove them.Do not wash them.
   You can wash when you are about to use them.

2.Place the bundle in a jar of water.You can even use small plastic bottles/glass for 
   lesser quantity of cilantros.Make sure the tip of the stem is soaked in water.

3. Cover the jar with a plastic bag and place the jar in refrigerator

4. You can use the desired amount of cilantros when u need them and place the
    jar covered with plastic bag back to the refrigerator.

5. Make sure to change the water in the jar every couple of days for it to last longer.

    Note - I read this method would make the cilantro last for 3 weeks to a month. Mine
    is already 15 days old and I consider that an achievement for me given my track
    record  with cilantros.I will keep you posted on that.

*** UPDATE - Feb 22 2014 - Day 26 ***

I found the cilantro turn black and discolor after about 24 days.I did not change the water every couple of days as I had mentioned in the post!! I wish I find a magic to fight my laziness. But yeah, cilantro staying good for 25 days is not bad, right?!!?

 If you have other methods to store cilantros, do share with us in the comments below.

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  1. Hey thanks for the wonderful tip.I am gonna try it out today:)

  2. Thanks.Do let us know the result :) :)

  3. Thanks for the tip.
    Any idea on how to keep the curry leaves fresh!!

    1. My pleasure :)) Will definitely keep you posted on curry leaves.

  4. Hiii it works!!!!Thanks a ton for ur grt idea :)My 2 weeks old corriander is still fresh and I can use it for few more days too...


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