Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Earrings Holder

I am sure many of you will join hands with me when it comes to earrings love. I always feel that a matching earring is the 'cherry on top' to any outfit. Now that we have a reason for our love, the question is, how do you organize them? I used to keep all my earrings in a jewelry box which becomes messy in few days. Right when I think, an earring would go perfect with my outfit, I would realize one of them is missing or entangled with another or lets just say - gets too difficult to figure where it is.

I came across this simple DIY project on Pinterest and just because the same idea was pinned by so many out there, it motivated me further to give it a try. So this is for all of you who have not read about it already. This organizer is specific to dangling earrings. I will come up with another organizer for studs when it works best for me.

Supplies Required :

1. A photo frame. You can use an old photo frame or a cheap one from dollar store. The photo frame I used is very old and in fact damaged one which is needless to say if you scroll to the pictures below.

2. Shelf Liner.You can even use lace cloth or a wire mesh. I used shelf liners that was already available with me.

Method :

1. Cut the shelf liner to fit the size of your frame.

2. Remove the backing of the frame and the glass.Place the liner on the back of the frame.Make sure the liner is aligned properly to the frame edges.You can even glue it to make it more secure.

3.Place the glass over the liner so that the liner stands firm with the glass backing. Replace the  actual frame backing (the order should be frame,liner,glass and backing).

4. It should now look like this -

5.Your earrings holder is now ready. Hang your dangling earrings through the holes in the shelf liner.Use them when you like and it is easy to replace them back to the holder.

6. You can hang this next to your mirror or anywhere you like. You will never have     trouble locating your earrings again.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more interesting DIY projects.

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  1. Too Good !!. Should be very useful for me :)

    1. Thanks vidhya :) Give it a try and let us know how it turned out. .

  2. Love it! Looks great in your room too! Wonderful project xo

  3. HI From Dear Creatives Link-up,

    I am with you, I love earrings too. I can't wait to make one of these:) Wonderful project.


    1. That's awesome. Thanks Shemi. Do let me know how it turns out :)

  4. It's great
    It's so cute. I love it.
    Thanks for linking up at "My Favorite Things- Linky Party"
    Have fun and don’t forget to join us each week!
    Be Creative Mommy

  5. A great idea - thank you for posting. Gentle Joy

  6. I Love a good earring project! Thanks for sharing how to @DearCreatives party! Theresa

  7. Thanks Theresa. See you soon in your next party.

  8. What a neat idea!! I don't own any earrings because my ears are really sensitive to certain types of metal and they swell and get all red and itchy. But if I did I'd make something like this for sure!! Thanks so much for linking up at the MaMade Blog Hop! I hope you're having a great weekend! :)

    1. Oh that's sad ! :( But I am glad you liked them. Thanks.

  9. How cute is that! Would definitely save me from having to dig through the jewelry box! Brilliant.

  10. What an Awesome idea and Fantastic instructions to make your own. Thanks for sharing your great idea at Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party @ Sew Crafty Angel.

  11. This is an awesome idea and couldn't be more timely. So glad I saw your link at The DIYers Party! We are in the planning stages of a custom feature on a wall in our master bedroom and on one side will be a jewelry cabinet. The one solution I hadn't come up with yet was how to hang my earrings - thank you so much for the answer!
    Marie @ The Interior Frugalista

  12. Very nice. I haven't seen one made with shelf liner before. It's a great idea!

  13. Very creative.I gives me a idea to arrange my earrings........


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