Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Carrot Milkshake

'Dear Winter, I don’t know how else to say this. But we are done. IT IS OVER! It  was love at first sight 5 months back when I first met you in Chicago. But you  have become too much to handle these days and also too commanding. Apart from the fact that you don’t let me wear my favorite dresses,  you do not even allow me to have my favorite milkshakes! But now it is time for you to leave and please do not stick around longer. I have had enough of you  already.Good bye!'

 Whoof ! Now that I broke up with 'Winter', I need something to refresh myself  and get back to things which I once loved before meeting 'him'. I don't know how  many more days 'he' will continue to stalk me, but I am preparing myself for the  change. I am not sure if it is Aishwarya's Avocado Milkshake or the breakup that  reminded me of those super yummy milkshakes my mom makes back home.  Either ways I am ready for some recovery treats to myself. I started with the  avocado milkshake and I must say, it was delicious. And now, it is the turn  for  'CARROT MILKSHAKE'! ( I know its getting too much too early, but as you know    breakups are always not easy and the best way to get over it is food and of  course shopping ;))

Ingredients :

1.Carrots - 3 nos ( large sized)
2.Milk - 1/2 litre
3.Sugar - as required
4.Cardamom (optional)
5.Assorted nuts (optional)
6.Ice cubes (optional)

Method :

1. Clean the carrots and pressure cook/microwave them till soft.
2. Allow the cooked carrots to cool.
3. Blend in the mixer with the cooked carrots, just half a glass of milk and 
   other ingredients to a smooth mixture.
4. Add the rest of the milk and give the mixture another whir or two.
5. Serve chilled.
6. Garnish the drink with grated carrots or nuts.


1. Make sure you do not blend at a very high speed in step 4 else the milk 
    may spew out of the mixer jar.
2. The consistency of the milkshake may get thicker once refrigerated. Add 
    some more milk to correct the consistency.
3. It tastes best when served chilled.

 If you are just like me trying to get some dose of summer already, you may want  to check our Avocado milkshake and Frozen banana ice cream recipes.

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  1. This looks yummy! I think I might try it and add some Greek yogurt to add protein and creaminess. Thanks for linking up with the MaMade Blog hop!

  2. That's a cool idea. Thanks :)

  3. Thank you for linking up at Tasty Tuesdays! Your post has been pinned to my Recipes from Tasty Tuesday board. I can't wait to see what you link up next week!
    Have a terrific weekend!

    1. Thanks Cathy and I can't wait for next week's party as well :)

  4. This looks super yummy and I think my kids would be intrigued by the orange color enough to hook them in to taste it. I know I would love it!

    1. Thanks. That should definitely do the trick ;) hope u n ur kids like it :)

  5. Thank you for linking up at The Wednesday Round Up! This looks yummy! We hope to see you back this week!


  6. I'll be giving your recipe a shout out! Thanks for sharing it @DearCreatives party this past week. I hope to see you again this week & pick up a featured button when you drop by. Theresa ;)

    1. Awesome ! Thanks Theresa ! Will be sure to grab the button ! :)

  7. Looks good...I love carrots! I pinned it to my Pinterest Beverage board. Thanks for sharing at the #partyontheporch! Blessings, D@TheShadyPorch


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