Monday, November 3, 2014

Rusk/Bread Laddu

This is one of the sweets I prepared for Diwali this year and turned out to be a hit. 
So, I told you guys about my brainstorming session with the members of my pantry. I found this huge box of rusk and I was just one step away from trashing it since we are not a big fan of rusk.. If you're wondering why did I even get it , No I didn't buy it.. I got it as a freebie for spending 50$ at the Indian grocery store(Yup, they're sweet like that).

So, I thought why not pulse/shred it in blender and use it as bread crumbs? After pulsing (is that even a  word? who cares..u know what I meant), it looked(texture wise) like dry roasted semolina/rava. How about a yummlicious  laddu out of it? 
Yes Please!

I'm thinking of making some truffles out of the remaining rusk crumbs, you'll be the 1st one to know, hope it turns out good.
You can make the same laddu with bread too since that is more likely a staple at everyone's pantry than rusk. I'll give you the recipe for that too.
The appearance & taste was more like rava laddu to the ones who din't know its made out of rusk. For me, it tasted like a yummy mass of bread+ghee+sugar+cardamom studded with cashews & raisins which is totes awesome..

rusk - 5-7 slices 
sugar - 3/4th cup
grated coconut(I used frozen) - 1/4th cup
ghee - 3 tsp
cardamom powder - a pinch
cashew nuts & raisins  - 10
milk(optional) - 2 tsp


  • Pulse the rusk slices in the blender for a minute. Add in sugar and pulse again to a 'not very fine-not very coarse' crumbs. 
  • Take this mixture in a bowl and add in grated coconut, cardamom powder, cashews & raisins. Mix well
  • Heat the ghee and pour it in the mixture and mould them into laddus.
  • If you are not able to mould it together, sprinkle some lukewarm milk and you should be able to mould now.
If you are using bread
Just toast the bread, break them into chunks and grind them into coarse crumbs. The rest process is same as above mentioned.

Hope you guys like it!!

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