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Mother's Day Gift Guide #1

I always wonder if motherhood would cast a magic spell on a person ! If there is love that is 'unconditional' with 'no expectations', 'no agendas', 'no intentions' - just pure love - it ought to be a 'Mother's love' for her children. I strongly believe the word 'Mother' should be added as a synonym to 'Love' in the dictionary.

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Well, I have always felt that love needs no 'reason' to call for a celebration.Everyday should be a 'celebration of love'. But it is easier said than done.We tend to get lost in our busy schedule that at times a 'quick reminder' is all we need to make our loved ones 'feel' loved and special.

When was the last time you let your mother know how much you appreciate her? When was the last time you thanked your wife for being this awesome mother to your awesome children !

Today? Last week? Last month? Still thinking? Not sure?  Have no guilt, Mothers Day is just around the corner, take this a reason to let her know how special she means to you! Even the smallest of gesture would bring a smile on her face ( not that she expects)! 

We have penned down as many thoughtful gifts we can think of and listed them in three categories. 
  •  Priceless gifts/gestures
  •  Do-It-Yourself gifts
  •  Unique and personalized gifts.(Coming up next!)

Priceless gifts :

Few gifts may be priceless to our mom even if they don't cost you a fortune or in fact don't cost you at all.

1. I Love you,mom :

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Nothing could ever be joyous as seeing your mom blush when you tell her you love her. Take this opportunity to tell her "I love you, mom!". That would definitely make her day.If there is a close competitor to this , that would be - a hug and a kiss ! You would never know how much a hug or a kiss could speak for you.

2. Make her a coffee/Bake her a cake/Cook her a meal :


She sure does deserve a break.So why don't you make her a coffee or bake her a cake of her choice or even cook her favorite meal or if possible all three !

3. Gift her 'A Day' :

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This is especially for the 'New moms' ! If you are a husband looking to gift your wife for her first mother's day, gift her 'A Day' ! She really needs it.Her life has changed drastically for good all of a sudden and she is learning to handle it. Going to a super market all alone is itself a vacation for her ! So the best thing you could do is let her have the day to herself. Take care of the kids and home.Let her hit the spa, meet her girl friends, go shopping alone,sleep or do anything she would like to the whole day.

4. Send her a card :

Thank your mother for playing the role so perfect and for being an awesome mom ! Handwritten cards are always a treasure. I always prefer them to e cards.That awesome feeling when you realize some one has mailed you a card,the instant smile that comes to your mind on seeing their handwritten message and signature, the joy with which you treasure them along with other cards so you can have a look at it again later - OMG ! E cards can never come even close.So try sending them a card with a handwritten message and signature.If you are creative enough, send her a hand made card!

You can also order online cute personalized cards with personalized message and signature to be delivered by physical mail.

And as a last option , you always have e cards !

5.Send her flowers :

This might sound old-fashioned, but it is not! Get your mother her favorite flowers ! Or why not a pot of natural flowers, so every time she waters her pot, there would be a smile on her face and you could be proud that you are the reason behind it.

DIY Gifts

Let your mother flaunt with these cute gifts that you can make it yourself -

1. DIY Painted Tote
2. DIY Tote
3. DIY Pouch
4. Personalized coffee mug
5. Personalized Music Video

Stay tuned for Mother's day - Unique and personalized gifts that you could order online and have them delivered to your mom. 

As promised, here are some really cool personalized gifts you could gift your mom -

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  1. Mother's Day has become so special to me since I became a mom. I like your idea of adding "mother" as a synonym to "love." I love these ideas, simple but memorable. :)

    1. Thank you :) Drop by this week for really cool mother's day gift ideas #2.
      And, its akaleidoscopicdream wishing you in advance a happy mother's day :) :)

  2. Ok sounds great and thank you!

  3. Nice gift ideas for mom. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

  4. Turning our creative side and imagine in a custom mug would be the perfect gift for every special occasion, Get yours from Inkmonk.


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