Thursday, August 7, 2014

Homemade Sambar Powder (Spice Mix)

Indian cooking is by itself a party that invites so many different flavors. Each day has a color, a smell and a spice! Spices are the music that makes the flavors dance in any dish! 
Spice mixes are predominant in any Indian household. Like any devout daughter, I use the spice mixes that my mom makes.Of all the spice mixes, sambar powder & rasam powder are almost like salt and sugar in my kitchen. What will I even do without them! They can be your saviors on any lazy day. Such is their shelf life – yes, you can store them for even months together.

Do a simple Google search and you will be surprised with how many different recipes you can find for these two. Such is its versatility. And now, let me proudly present my family recipe for the simplest and easiest sambar powder (drum roll, pleaseee!).


Coriander seeds - 500 grams (approx 5 cups)
Red Chili - 500 grams 
Toor Dhal - 100 grams (approx 1 cup )
Channa Dhal - 75 grams (approx 3/4 cup)
Fenugreek - 50 grams (approx 1/2 cup)
Black pepper- 50 grams (approx 1/2 cup)

* The above measurements makes about 1 kg of sambar powder.Adjust the measurements accordingly for lesser quantity.


Grind all the ingredients to a very fine powder.Grinding is usually done in flour mills in India but blenders can also serve the purpose.


1. Make sure you grind it very fine.
2. Store it in air tight container

Sambar powder is the basic ingredient in the making of Sambar. More recipes on the making of sambar to follow. Stay tuned


  1. I love Sambar! when I will make it next time, definitely follow your recipe of Sambar masala :)

    1. Aww thanks ! Do give it a try and let me know if you like it.Thanks for stopping by :)


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