Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Unclog Your Sink The Easy Way !!

Each day is a gift ! But excuse me, can someone tell me where I can return 'MONDAY' ?? They are such a pain that they somehow come uninvited, unannounced and without even a slightest warning.Monday by itself a bad news to me.

"Just when you think things cannot get worse, it actually can!"

Like how my kitchen sink got clogged (pretty bad! really bad!) one Monday afternoon.I had no plunger at home and to make things tragic, my apartment maintenance guy just dint respond to my call of need.

"Just when you think things cannot get better, it actually can!"

Like how you google solutions for your problem and surprisingly have the necessary things the solution demands.And to make it so much more better, a solution that actually works !

I am sorry I have no pictures to support the results as it did not qualify for a picture to boast about. I am pretty sure you won't be happy to see them either.But, you seriously got to trust me with this. I mean really serious....

For some, it maybe an old news but for those of you who don't know it yet, here you go !

All you need:

Baking Soda - 1 - 1.5 cups
Vinegar - 1 - 1.5 cups


Add baking soda down the drain followed by vinegar.The two ingredients would interact and result in some fumes n foams ( nothing to be scared of)

Let the concoction set for about 3 hours

Initially nothing happened and I regretted for having wasted baking soda that would have otherwise been happy in some baked goodies.But then, 'whoooop' came a sound. I ran to the kitchen and witnessed magic that happened which literally made me jump in joy.

If the clog doesn't clear on its own, try running hot water down the drain after about three hours and turn on the sink grinder (if you have one) and you should be all set!

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  1. I've used this approach at home successfully too. Feels much more eco friendly than those terrifying chemical concoctions you can buy. Sometimes, it takes a couple of attempts to get the 'fizz', but a kettle of boiling water helps remove gunk. I find a sink guard really useful too for keeping long hair out of the plug - it just constantly clogs otherwise!


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