Monday, August 4, 2014

Necklace/Chain Holder

My jewelry organization has always been a shameful mess but definitely not in the recent times. If you had read my DIY Desk organizer post, you would know that my 2014 resolution is just better organization practices. My dangling earrings were saved by this earrings holder project. And now, it is the turn of chains/necklaces for rescue.

I used to store all my necklaces and chains in a jewelry box, which was just not functional. The long chains gets all tangled up that it gets too difficult to untangle. If you are anything like me, you’d rather spend your time on a DIY project for a chain organizer than spend time untangling them.

And so here it is – the most functional way to store your chains/necklaces and I promise you, it’s going to be just a shoestring budget.

Things you will need:

  •    Cork board – I got them for $3 in my local craft store
  •   Fabric – I used scrap fabric from my old project.
  •  Pushpins
  •   Hot Glue Gun or any strong glue

           1. Cut the fabric few inches more than the size of the cork board so it is easy to wrap.

          2. Wrap the cork board with the fabric of your choice using glue.I used scrap fabric but you can get a fabric that color co-ordinates your jewelry/room.

           3. Insert the push pins to the cork board in any pattern. I inserted them in a V like pattern.

          4.  You can now hang your chains/necklaces and be assured that it will be tangle free.


  1. Wonderful idea! I hate tangled chains!

    1. Thanks Lisa.Yes they are annoying. This holder has been really functional and helpful these days.

  2. This looks amazing! I love this. Pinned. We truly love you being a part of our party. I hope you get chance to stop by tonight at 7 pm. It wouldn't be a party without you!
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Off to your party now :)

  3. Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing @DearCreatives party! Hope your having a great week. Theresa

  4. I was not sure if you received my comment. I like this idea and would like to make one. How do you put the board on the wall. What is used to put iy up?

    1. Thanks Uma for stopping by. Glad you liked it. I used a push pin that goes through the cork board and my wall (my wall takes in push pins.) You can also use a ribbon or any string to make a hoop and hang it to nails.Let me know if this answers your question or I will update the tutorial for the same with pictures :)

    2. Great. Thanks! That helps. I will try soon.

    3. Awesome.Do let me know how it turns out ...


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