Friday, October 10, 2014

11 Hacks Every Girl Should Know While Packing For Vacation

I always look forward to travelling new places, breathing in its beauty and…. Oops, I just forgot that there is something I don’t look forward to at all – PACKING!!! I know it is exciting to even just think of travelling our dream vacation but…. packing for that dream vacation?? Total Nightmare!

I have always wondered how Phileas Fogg packed before he set to travel the world in 80 days (Around the world in eighty days book). I would have needed eighty days just for shopping and packing if I were to take on some venture like that.

So to make packing and travelling LITTLE easier, here are few hacks that I have personally used/read about it while browsing and felt, "Oh, that is genius!".Either ways, I am sure it will be of help to you!


I know this is such a pain in the neck for all you lovely ladies out there. So here it is for you –

1. Earrings:                             
You can use your old buttons to hold your earrings. This way, you never have to search for the missing one in the pair. Let them stay together happily ever after.

2. Delicate chains/necklaces:
It can never get more annoying when your delicate chains gets tangled. Say good bye to tangled necklaces using a straw.

3. Bobby Pins/Hair pins:
Use your empty Tic-Tac boxes to hold your hair pins/bobby pins. Toss them in your purse and you may never have to bother when your hair gets all messy. You have your life savior right in your purse

4. Safety Pins/Q tips:
Do you have empty medicine containers? What is a better way to store your safety pins! You can never be safer!

5. Razors:
Do you dig around your bag for the razor that you know you packed but get cuts while doing so? Protect your razors using binding clips.


6. Emergency Pouch:
And where do you keep all these? You can easily make one no sew pouch and toss all the above inside. You can carry it in your purse/handbag as an emergency pouch. I am sure you will be needing these and the pouch will serve you just right!

Tutorial here

7. Socks/Shoes/Shower Caps:
This is the most convenient way to fold your socks, not just for travel but for everyday. It hardly takes 5 seconds of your time but will save you so much time searching for the missing pair.

 i)  Lay the socks one on top of the other.
ii)  Hold the three sock top ends ( 2 ends of a sock and 1 of the other sock)
iii) Pull it inside out together to form a ball.

IF your shoes are washed and clean, you can toss these sock balls inside your shoes and even wrap the shoe with a shower cap.

8. Chargers:
Use your sun glass case to hold your chargers and wires.

9. Headphones:
Wrap your headphones with a binder clip for easy, tangle free storage.

PC: Huffingtonpost
Watch the 1 minute tutorial here 

10. Travel Wallet:
Make these cute water proof travel wallets to hold your passport/boarding pass and cards during travel.This is inexpensive and takes less than 15 minutes to complete the project.

Tutorial here

11. Water:
I read this tip recently and had no clue why it dint strike me all along. I am usually in a rush to catch the flight and so don't stop to buy water fearing the wait time. I need and drink lot of water especially during travel and so I found this tip brilliant. Make sure you carry an empty water bottle so you can fill it with drinking water from the tap once u pass the security.Or you can anytime ask your air hostess to fill the bottle with water.Stay hydrated and travel happy!

I hope you found these tips helpful. Let us know in the comments below if you would like to include any other tips/hacks!


  1. Great post - Thanks for sharing all these useful tips for traveling!

    I especially like the tips about how to pack earrings and bobby pins.


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