Monday, October 6, 2014

DIY Travel Wallet

Hey y’all! I always keep my promises and so, as promised in my last DIY (No-Sew Clutch), here is the tutorial of the DIY travel wallet.

I made this for my mom and she found it really handy while travelling from US to India. Do you know that US-India is one of the most exhaustive and tiring travel? Oh yea, it takes almost 20 hours with one transit in between!Okay, that is totally a different story. So let me get back to the wallet. You can use this to hold your passport, boarding pass and urgent cash/card/IDs and the best part is it is water-proof! 

So,what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Materials required:
1. Craft Foam sheet: I got these from Walmart ($4 for 12 sheets).You can also get 1 sheet which costs way lesser.
2. Hot Glue Gun
3. Velcro/Elastic/ Rubber Bands/Hair Ties: I prefer Velcro.
4. X- Acto knife/ Scissors: Use X-Acto knife for accurate cut. I just used my scissors
5. Decorative stickers/sharpie - optional

Method: (Do not get intimidated by the measurements, these are just very basic folding and gluing which takes less than 15 minutes to complete the project.)

1.Trim your foam sheet to 15”x 9”using x-acto knife/scissors.

2.Fold the foam sheet to half so there is a scored line in the center of the sheet.

3. Measure 4.5” away from the center on both the sides and fold to form scored lines as below. You can use your ruler or any object to press tightly after folding so the impression is clear.

4. Cut 1.5” rectangle off the top left flap.

5. Make a line 3” of the right top flap.

6. This step is completely optional but you can make you edges look better by cutting the edges using a bottle lid as shown.

Now all that is left is gluing..

7. Use a glue gun to glue the left flap on the bottom.

8.On the right flap, glue along the top, bottom and scored line and fold over.

Your wallet is now ready. 

You can use Velcro on both the flaps to hold it together safe or tie an elastic/rubber band/hair ties around it after closing the wallet. I prefer Velcro as it is more convenient to me. Refer DIY clutches tutorial if you would like to know the steps to attach Velcro.

You can decorate as you like with stickers/sharpie etc.

Inspired By Sea Lemon YouTube Channel.
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  1. You can use this to hold your passport, boarding pass and urgent cash/card/IDs and the best part is it is water-proof! minhanh travel

  2. thanks for your tip!it's also a good idea gift freind.


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