Friday, October 17, 2014

Diwali Treats

Diwali is always a grand affair in India. It is more like what Christmas is to the Christians.
A riot of everything happy and cheerful; of lights and fireworks!
A day of food, festivities and grandeur.

Have you ever seen children eager to wake up way before the sun rises.. excited to have bath and fight to be the first one to get all ready? No? You should totally visit Indian homes during Diwali to witness such a scene.  

Stepping out of a comforting oil bath – sparkling clean house from all the pre-Diwali cleaning… aroma of food all over house… entire house gleaming bright with Diyas (Indian lamps)… soothing devotional songs playing from a tape recorder… new clothes kept in the prayer room screaming for days to be picked and worn… yummy sweets and snacks ready to be indulged...fireworks waiting impatiently to be picked….

Stepping out of the house – colorful rangolis…happy and excited children giggling as they light the crackers/fireworks... the twinkle in their eyes brighter than any firework that goes up in the sky…dutiful parents watching their children light crackers while catching up a good old conversation with neighbors and relatives... beautiful ladies clad in new clothes going house to house in exchange of the sweets and other delicacies while wishing ‘Happy Diwali’ to everyone they pass by …

A sight definitely worth watching, right?

And now comes our favorite part – food. It is that time of the year when you forget about diet, healthy eating and etc. but know just one thing – INDULGE!
So here are few recipes for your kitchen filled with love from ours!

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Besan Ladoo
Rava Ladoo
Rava Kesari
Sabudana Kheer/Sago Milk Pudding
Badam Kheer
Mango Kalakand
Mango Mousse

Strawberry Mousse

Bread/rusk laddu

Custard Powder Halwa


Jelly Custard
Avocado Pinacolada Bars


Mullu Murukku/Crispy Savory Spirals

Baked murukku/chakli

Thenkuzhal Murukku
Oma Podi
Masala PoriWe do hope the lights triumph over darkness…peace transcend the earth and spirit of light illuminate the world .Wishing you and your family a happy and safe Diwali.


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