Tuesday, October 28, 2014

6 Ways To Make /Save Money This Holiday Season

The Holiday season is just around the corner! Ready or not, it will soon be time to get the shopping list on. Planning on the gifts for our near and dear ones is always exciting after all it is the ‘SEASON OF SHARING’! But as exciting as it gets, it is already time to keep an eye on all our expenses, save some for the holidays and be prepared for the shopping spree.

Here are few ways you can make/save money for the holidays. I can never promise you quick money or a big chest of treasures, but hey, every little helps!

1.Double Take Offer :
This is a mobile app that I have used couple of times. The app is free of cost. You can also use their online website instead of mobile apps if you would like. All you need to do is set your location and you can save 50% on deals from local businesses. The couple of times I have used it was while eating out in restaurants. They have amazing 50% off for your local restaurants.

For ex: $15 for $30 worth of casual dining in iHOP or $15 for $30 worth of Sushi and Hibachi in Shinto

They do have other offers for Home Improvement, Health&Beauty, Entertainment, Sports&Fitness and more. But I have used it only for restaurants till now.

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2. Retailmenot.com
This is a more popular app and more frequently used by me. You can access it through their site/mobile app which is free of cost. Set your location, pick your favorite stores and you get access to your favorite store’s coupons and offers. It is always worth checking the app before you check out. Worth a try.

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    3. Walmart Savings Catcher
For those Walmart customers out there who are not aware of this already, the mobile app/website of Walmart has now an option for Savings Catcher. You scan the receipt of your purchase or enter the receipt number and Savings Catcher will match the price of any local competitor’s ad for an identical product. If the savings catcher finds a lower advertised price, your account will be credited with the difference.

 The app takes 3 days to do the price match and the last time I tried using it, it came back with a result that it could not find a lower price. Unfortunately, it is the only time I tried so I am not sure of the success rate. But I have nothing to lose but few seconds of time. I might again give it a try and will update the post if I have any luck with it. Has any of you had success with it? Let us know in the comments below.
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4. Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings:
These two web sites pays you for reading emails, taking surveys and completing few offers. You get $5 for sign up and the minimum cash out is $30. Although there are so many other similar websites out there, I have experience with only these two sites and they seem to have worked for me. But it has been just once that I reached to $30 for cash out.

Few Suggestions:

  • I use an email address specifically for this purpose.If not, be prepared for your inbox to be flooded with spam mails.
  • I would also suggest you to be really careful while sharing any of your personal information.I usually skip offers/surveys that require sensitive information like phone number, credit card number or credit details. The mistake I did was to share my phone number for offers etc initially and I was receiving too many marketing calls.So, avoid any offer that requires phone number unless and until you don't mind marketing calls every now and then.
  • I only go for surveys, paid emails,videos and 100% free offers like signing up for websites/newsletters etc.
  • Please exercise caution while disclosing any of your personal information and we would not be in any way responsible for any mishap.

This is by no means a source for quick money and investment of time is needed if you want to make it quick.Since I don't invest too much time on this, it takes time for me to reach the cash out.

** not a sponsored post but affiliate link included

6. Coinstar:

Do you have lots of unused gift cards floating around that you don’t tend to use? Coinstar Exchange Kiosks lets you exchange gift cards to cash instantly. Please note that it is not same as regular Coinstar kiosks. You should look for Coinstar Exchange kiosks. You can check out the kiosks in you location from their website. 

To state the obvious, they do take some processing fee and you might not get the whole amount. I haven’t used it yet as I did not want to waste someone else’s money (as it is gift card) on processing fee. But if you are really are sure that you will never be using them in the future, then maybe you can give this a try as something is definitely better than nothing.
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  1. I have used retailmenot many times to save and just started using walmart savings center . What you say is right.I also have experience giving my address and now getting mails :P I did not remember where I gave and also don't know why I am getting. Some other apps I started using recently are checkout51 and shopmium. And also Swagbucks .It works just like the 4th one you mentioned. Thanks for sharing the useful info and also *important* suggestions to be noted :)

    1. Oh yea, those spam mails and calls can be such a pain! Let me know if you have any luck with savings catcher, swagbucks and other apps.Thanks for stopping by


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