Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Strawberry Lemonade

This homemade strawberry lemonade is delicious and extremely easy to make. Ripe strawberries combined with freshly squeezed lemon will create a refreshing drink for a summer day. Pretty beautiful red color aren't they? :). This lemonade can be experimented with fruits like raspberry, blueberry, mango etc. Everyone will love it!!
Have fun and stay cool.....



  • Fresh strawberries - 8 
  • Lemon - 1 
  • Sugar - 3 tbsp
  • Salt - pinch 
  • Water - as needed 


  • Wash and remove the top green part from the strawberries. 
  • Now slice the strawberries.
  • Grind strawberries with sugar and water to a smooth paste.
  • Now strain the paste with strainer by adding more water.
  • Squeeze lemon and add a pinch of salt. Mix well. 


  • Adding salt will balance the taste of lemon. 
  • You can also use frozen strawberry.   
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