Friday, January 9, 2015

South Indian Tamil Kitchen #1

The story goes like this…

“The husband says he has come one complete circle when it comes to food. Having stayed away from home for many years, he has had the opportunity to explore different cuisines and his favorite is now back to Indian Food and to be more specific, South Indian Food(Tamil).

In the last two years after marriage, our dining table has seen overcooked food, salt less food, and many other disasters but never has it seen complaints ( at least, till date). So as his reward, I wanted to be equally sweet (if not, more) and knowing his preferences, decided to make South Indian food more frequently!

Sadly enough, I knew the insides of kitchen only after marriage and so I was just doing Sambar + Rasam which became really monotonous and boring. Only then I started exploring more of it and came to know of the variety that I did not even know it had! So many dishes deserve better recognition than they have right now. "

PC : top left -

So here it is  - South Indian Tamil Kitchen ! I hope this series motivates me and make me explore different recipes from Tamil cuisine. It can be a simple Rasam or something I haven’t even heard of but all I can assure is most of them are going to be family recipes preserved for generations. It can be something really authentic to something that is tailored for convenience. I want to document them all so they doesn't get lost over time. 

I hope you find it helpful and feel free to let us know if you need any specific recipe. I can try as much as possible and get them for you from my different sources - mom, mil, sis, friends, relatives and wait for it… husband’s grand mom (precious ones, right?). 

See you soon with an interesting South Indian recipe.


  1. South indian recipes are my all time favorite. Thanks for sharing awesome recipes here!!

  2. That is really nice to hear ! Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned for more recipes in this series :)

  3. Ranjani, awesome ! Looking forward for your recipes. Some of my suggestions are kootu varieties, Appam, milk sweets (I once tried chocolate thirattipal in microwave and it flopped :( May be you give a good recipe for that).

    1. Thanks dear. . I will definitely add these in the to do list.

  4. hey this South Indian Tamil Kitchen is just fantastic.
    I am great fan of south indian food i have visited maximum south indian restaurants in mumbai

    1. Thanks Jenny! That is great to hear. Thanks for stopping by


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