Thursday, September 18, 2014

No Sew Throw Pillow

"Cozy nights and lazy mornings...
          Comfy sweaters and trendy scarves…
 Skinny jeans and fall boots…
 Hot chocolates and classic books…

 Candles and pumpkins…
 Halloween and lanterns…
 Pretty leaves and driving around just to see the trees…
 Fall is everything so beautiful and sweet…

Hey fall, I am so ready for you !!"

Can you tell how excited I am for fall already! 
If you are friends with me on Instagram, you would know how crazy excited I am.

Like the dollar store haul and the laptop make over –

OR the fall leaves on my window blinds…

I am really pumped up for fall this year and can’t wait to make my home all cozy and warm. Just another reason to feel lazy, right? Fall kind of makes laziness official!

Here is a simple…really simple DIY to make your own throw pillows that hardly takes 10 minutes. It is not necessarily for fall. You can make it any themed or even use your old shirts. But I am on my ‘fall overload’ pills, so I just want to make it the ‘fall’ way!   

Things you will need :
  • Fabric - You can even use your old shirts/t-shirts.I got mine from Jo-Ann Fabrics on sale. 1 yard ($4)  made 2 pillows for me - 1 circular and 1 rectangular and have some fabric left for another  one too!
  • Hot glue gun/fabric glue/ any strong glue : I used hot glue gun/
  • Polyfill - The amount of poly fill needed depends on the size of your pillow. I needed one pack(280 grams) for one pillow as I like them kind of fluffy.

Circular Pillow:

1. Cut the fabric circular to your desired size of the pillow.

2. Place the first circle right side facing up.

3. Place the second circle over the first with right side facing down.( Don't mind my many trials in drawing a circle.Bad at free hand drawing!)

4. Glue the two circles together along the edges leaving a small opening to flip it right side out

5.Flip right side out.

6. Stuff the required amount of poly-fill through the opening and once done, seal the opening using glue gun for a cute little pillow!


Rectangular Pillow:

It is very much similar to the above -

1. Cut your fabric to desired size.

 It is usually double the size you want your pillow to look.

2. Reverse the fabric and fold it by bringing the shorter ends together.

3. Glue together the three open ends along the edges, leaving a small opening on the shorter end for you to flip the fabric right side out.

4. Flip right side out through the opening. It will now look like this.

5. Stuff the desired amount of poly-fill through the opening to make it nice and fluffy.Seal the opening with glue gun again. Your pillow is ready!


Now all that is left, is to sit back and relax, just like my little guy here !! 

Stay tuned for more fall decor  ideas!!

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