Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bangles/Bracelets Holder

Hello DIYers….! It has been a while since I posted something ‘crafty’! I was found to be too ‘craftaholic’ that I was actually on my road to recovery. But then, took a U-turn to the nearest craft store for an extraordinary DIY just for you guys!

Who am I kidding! I have been little preoccupied with few other things lately and was forced to put 'crafts/DIY projects' to the back burner!

But my craftaholic hands was itching for something… well, crafty!

It may not be an extraordinary project as mentioned earlier, but a simple yet extremely useful DIY and without a doubt... made just for you!

It is similar to the desk organizer that I posted a while ago!

Yes, we are using empty tissue rolls again! But this time, to organize bangles, bracelets, hair ties and make up brushes!

This project is almost free of cost! Have doubts? Here are the things that you will need :

  • Empty Tissue rolls
  • Scrap gift wrappers/Fabric
  • Cardboard like a chocolate box.
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Here is how -

1. Wrap the tissue rolls and the cardboard box using gift wrappers/ fabric

2. Position the rolls on the box however you want and glue them, preferably using a super glue or a glue gun

That is it! Yes, seriously! Go ahead and organize your bangles,bracelets,hair ties etc! The tissue rolls can hold your makeup brushes and other cosmetics like eye pencils,mascaras etc!

Hope you find it helpful. Be sure to check our other organization projects -


  1. There are many ways to go about organizing your accessory. Different methods make more sense depending on your space and what you’re storing. No matter which method you choose, these accessory organizer  definitely helps you to reduce the space usage. Once again great post man! Cheers!


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